About Us

Flavo Rosa is a small family business based in South East London.

I’ve always been conscious of the amount of unnecessary plastic there is around the house, as well as in society in general – and this is my little bit to try and improve that whilst making people happy.

I have always enjoyed the act of giving. I thought the idea of learning to make soaps to give as homemade presents would be a lovely thing to do. The soaps were a hit with family and friends and it is something I really enjoyed learning and now making. When my career path took a diversion, I felt it was time to take it a step further – and Flavo Rosa was born.

Flavo Rosa is Latin for yellow rose – Yellow roses are a sign of friendship, and also a friend’s favourite flower who I miss very much. Because of this I can never walk past a bunch of yellow roses without picking them up – and so it seemed the perfect name.

O.M.I.L….this is for you x

Sarah x

Sarah-Jane Brown